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About reservations

When can I make a reservation?
Reservations can be made one month prior to the scheduled boarding date. For group tours, please contact us separately.
Can I make a reservation on the same day?
If seats are available, you can purchase tickets on our booking site on the day.
Can I select my seat when I make a reservation?
Seats cannot be reserved. We will guide you to the vessel in the order in which you are received on the day.
Can I cancel or change my reservation?
Please check our cancellation policy before canceling or rescheduling your reservation.
When will a reservation request be confirmed?
We will contact you approximately 3 days prior to your reservation date.
Please be assured that no fee will be debited at the reservation request stage.
Do you offer discounts for seniors and disabled people?
There are no discounts for seniors. Discounts are available for people with physical, intellectual or mental disabilities.
The following discounts apply to persons with disabilities (referring to those with physical, intellectual, and mental disabilities including developmental disabilities) as defined in Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Basic Act for Persons with Disabilities, who present a certificate of disability issued by a public agency (prefectural or municipal social welfare council) and apply for a discount. However, these discounts do not apply in the case of charter fares.
① Persons with disabilities classified as Class 1 (including Intellectual Disability A) or as Mental Disability Level 1
Passengers with disabilities and their caregivers will receive a 5% discount on their fares.
The discount is limited to cases where one caregiver, who is recognized by the Company as capable of caring for the disabled person, travels on the same section of the vessel as the disabled person.
② Persons with disabilities other than those included in ①
Passengers with disabilities will receive a 5% discount on their fares.
Are there any fares for infants and toddlers?
Infants (up to twelve months of age) can travel free of charge, and up to one preschool children (under elementary school age) per accompanying parent or guardian can travel free of charge.
If the number of preschool children exceeds the number of accompanying parents or guardians, the adult fare will be charged.

About embarkation

Where is the boat terminal?

Moji Port

Premier Hotel Mojiko West Side Wharf

A 3 minute walk from JR Mojiko Station

Kokura Port

Municipal Ferry (for Majima and Aishima)

A 5-minute walk from Asia Pacific Import Mart (AIM)

Hakata Port

Bayside Place Hakata

A short walk from Hakata Pier (Bayside Place)
A 5-minute walk from International Center Sun Palace Mae

Hakata Port International Terminal

A 1-minute walk from Hakata Port International Bus Terminal

Is there a parking lot nearby?
We do not have our own parking lot. If you are coming by car, please use a nearby parking lot.
Where can I check the operational status?
If a cruise is cancelled or delayed, we will notify you on the website.
I’ve lost my reservation number. What should I do?
Please contact us using the contact form.
When are cruises cancelled?
The decision to cancel a cruise will be made in accordance with the criteria for cancellation. Moreover, if the captain determines that the situation is dangerous, the cruise may be cancelled after consultation with the operation manager, regardless of the above criteria.
※Criteria for suspending operations:Wind speed: 13 m/s or higher, wave height: 1.0 m or higher, visibility: 500 m or less
Can I bring food and beverages on board?
Please note that only beverages with lids are allowed on board.
Can I bring pets on board with me?
Pets that meet both of the following conditions can be brought on board.
① Pets weighing up to 20 kg; and ② Pets that can be kept in a pet carrier from boarding to disembarkation.
(These restrictions do not apply to guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs.)
Is smoking allowed on board?
All seats are non-smoking. Smoking is not permitted.
Is there a place to leave a stroller?
We are unable to store strollers on board the vessel, so we request passengers to take care of their own items by themselves.
Can groups of people use a cabin?
Yes. If you are making a reservation for 30 people or more, please feel free to contact us using the contact information below.
Contact Information
Are there restrooms on board?
There is one men's restroom, one women's restroom, and one barrier-free restroom (accessible for both men and women) located at the rear of the vessel.
The barrier-free restroom (for men and women) is equipped with a baby cot, which can be used as a diaper changing area (baby carriers are available in both the men's and women's restrooms).
Is there Wi-Fi access on board?
No, there isn’t.
I forgot something. Where should I contact?
Please contact us using the contact form.