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Cruising of
The Future

Enjoy a Futuristic Cruising Experience
Powered by Hydrogen and Biodiesel Fuel

Let's sail together
to the sea
of the future.

HANARIA is the first passenger ship in Japan to utilize hydrogen and biodiesel fuel, which have enormous potential as next-generation energy sources, and is a new form of amusement in the maritime field.
We enjoy doing what we can do, little by little, for the beautiful ocean.
A state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly cruise ship, HANARIA will take you on a journey to a brighter future.

Event Information

Kokura Port|Jul.20th Kukinoumi Fireworks Featival cruise

Kokura Port|Jul.20th Kukinoumi Fireworks Featival cruise

This year, 4,500 fireworks will be launched, 500 more than the previous year's 4,000!
The cruise will depart from Kokura Port around 19:00, watch the fireworks for 40 minutes, and return to Kokura Port around 21:40 for a 160-minute cruise with one drink.
You can enjoy the fireworks and cruise in elegance without getting caught in traffic regulations or congestion on the day of the event.

Kokura Port |Aug.13th Kanmon Straits Fireworks Festival Cruise

Aug.13th, 2024

Kokura Port |Aug.13th Kanmon Straits Fireworks Festival Cruise

This year marks the 37th Kanmon Straits Fireworks Festival, which began in 1988 as a joint event between the Shimonoseki side of Yamaguchi Prefecture and the Moji side of Fukuoka Prefecture.

This is a special cruise to view the world's only fireworks festival held under the same name across the sea and across prefectural borders from Japan's first electric passenger ship "HANARIA," which utilizes hydrogen and bio-fuel. The cruise lasts 135 minutes. (refreshments /drinks included)
You can enjoy the fireworks and cruise from HANARIA without getting caught in the traffic regulations and crowds on the day of the event.


Moji Port|Aug. 18th Tea Ceremony Cruise

August 18(Sun.)

【Special event on Sunday, Aug 18, limited to 20 people!】
◆This is a 60-minute cruise to experience the Japanese culture of tea ceremony on board the HANARIA, which cruises the Kanmon Straits. Please come aboard this limited-edition cruise to experience a cruise and tea ceremony as a memorable experience this summer!

We will operate the Kanmon Straits Cruise, passing under the Kanmon Bridge that connects Honshu and Kyushu, and enjoying the view of Karato Market, Ganryu Island, etc. from the ship.

〈Tea Ceremony〉
(1) You can experience making your own tea while learning from Mr. Kimoto, a regional professor of the Omotesenke.
(2) Kaishi (Japanese tea paper), kashikiri (sweets), and other items necessary for a tea ceremony will be provided. You may dress as you like.
(3)Beginners, experienced tea masters, and parents and children are all welcome.

*If you wish to board the Kanmon Straits Cruise without the tea ceremony experience option on Aug 18th, please make a reservation through the "Kanmon Straits Cruise (Daytime)".

Moji Port|Pilgrimage on the Sea Cruise

2024.4.10~|Sundays・National holidays (except Fridays and Saturdays)

A Pilgrimage on the Sea Cruise Taking You on a Tour of the Kanmon Area, Home to Numerous Shrines and Temples.
This 45-minute cruise visits Akama Shrine, Kameyama Hachimangu, and Mekari Shrine, three Shinto shrines in the Kanmon area which has been the stage for many turning points in history, from the sea. Please enjoy the new aspects of each shrine seen from the sea. After boarding, passengers will receive red seals of the three shrines in a HANARIA original file.