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Hanaria is the first passenger ship in Japan to utilize hydrogen and biodiesel fuel, which have enormous potential as next-generation energy sources, and is a new form of amusement in the maritime field.
We enjoy doing what we can do, little by little, for the beautiful ocean.
A state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly cruise ship, Hanaria will take you on a journey to a brighter future.

Features of Hanaria

( 01 )Environmental Considerations

As a hybrid electric propulsion vessel that utilizes hydrogen and biodiesel fuel, this environmentally friendly cruise ship achieves a reduction of 53-100% in CO2 emissions.

( 02 )Compatible with a Wide Range of Applications

It is possible to hold events onboard utilizing the monitors and projectors in the first-floor cabins. We will enhance your cruise from various perspectives so that you can enjoy not only the Besides offering spectacular ocean scenery, the interior of HANARIA itself is an entertainment space that can be enjoyed from a variety of perspectives.
In addition to tourism, the vessel can also be used as a venue for environmental education, MICE, etc.

( 03 )Barrier-free Design

Hanaria features a barrier-free design with only a very few steps, making it easy for passengers in wheelchairs, the elderly, and those with children to get around on board, fulfilling our desire of making the ship accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

( 04 )A Comfortable Onboard Space

Hanaria is the first vessel in Japan to employ a hybrid electric propulsion system that uses hydrogen and biodiesel fuel, resulting in a quiet interior with low levels of noise and vibration. In addition, the second-floor cabins is designed with wide portals to allow passengers to fully enjoy the scenery.



Overall length


Overall width


Gross tonnage


Overall length


Gross tonnage

238 tons

Hydrogen and biodiesel fuel

Hydrogen and biodiesel fuel hybrid




100 people(60 people recommended)

Propulsion method

Electric propulsion(EV)