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First public showing! Introduction of HANARIA’s route①(Pilgrimage on the Sea Cruise)

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Hello everyone. I’m Fukunaga from MOL Techno Trade.

The official website of HANARIA has finally been opened, and I feel that the day you will be able to board HANARIA is approaching. I would like to pick up the ” Pilgrimage on the Sea Cruise ” and explain it to you.

The “Pilgrimage on the Sea Cruise” is a cruise aboard HANARIA to Akama Shrine, Kameyama Hachimangu Shrine, and Mekari Shrine, all of which face the Kanmon Straits.

This is a unique opportunity to visit these three shrines from the sea, and we believe it will be extremely valuable. Please enjoy the serenity of the electric-propulsion HANARIA and see the different aspects of each shrine from the sea.

You can also take-home Goshuin(※) from each of the three shrines as a proof of visiting  shrines, along with HANARIA’s original file. This cruise would also be a perfect cruise for those who collect Goshuin.

(※)It’s a red ink stamp of temples and shrines, and there are handwritten by monks.