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Safety Policy

Initiatives for Safe Operation

We are taking the following measures to ensure that our customers can board our ships safely and with peace of mind.

Safety Policy

  1. We strictly adhere to the basic principle of placing the highest priority on safety.
  2. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations and internal rules.
  3. We continuously improve our safety management system.

Key Safety Measures

  • We share near-miss information with all employees to eliminate risk factors and prevent accidents and problems.
  • We strive to eliminate drunkenness among our crew members and ensure safe operation in compliance with our operating standards.
  • In addition to pre-service and daily inspections, we strive to thoroughly implement infection prevention measures so that passengers can use our services safely and comfortably.

Suspension Criteria

The criteria for the suspension of vessel operation are as follows. In addition, fi the captain determines that the vessel is unsafe, operation may be cancelled upon consultation with the operations manager, regardless of these criteria.
Criteria for suspending operations:Wind speed: 13 m/s or higher, wave height: 1.0 m or higher, visibility: 500 m or less

Safety Audits and Training

  • The vessel undergoes safety audits by the Kyushu District Transport Bureau and the Japan Coast Guard at least once a year.
  • We conduct general safety inspections in the summer and at the end and beginning of the year, and report the results to the Kyushu District Transport Bureau.
  • We conduct maritime safety drills and maneuvering drills once a year. This training includes lifesaving guidance in cases of emergency, as well as emergency maneuvering to avoid danger.

Ship Safety Equipment

Navigation area:limited coastal waters
HANARIA (Capacity: 100 persons), launched in September 2023

  • Life jackets:106 for adults, 10 for children, and 2 for infants
  • Life rings:4
  • Life buoyant devices:For 108 persons (9 units each for 12 people)

Emergency Contact System

HANARIA is equipped with a shipboard telephone for ship-to-shore communication. The vessel is also equipped with a cellular phone for communication in all sea areas in which it operates.